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Funded projects

You can search here among the projects that have been granted funds for Nordic co-operation from the Nordic Gender Equality Fund. During 2021, the database will also be supplemented with descriptions of the projects that are granted funding from the Nordic LGBTI Fund and the Nordic research initiative on sexual harassment in the workplace.

You can choose whether to view projects funded in a specific year or completed within a specific theme. Here you can also see project funding, which organisations are collaborating and who the contact person is for the project.

Funded projects (89/89)

Antigypsyist homophobia and LGBTIQ Roma rights in the Nordics

Even though the Nordic countries are at the forefront of LGBTIQ rights in Europe and globally, LGBTIQ Roma are subject... »

Nordic Futures: QTIBIPoC Movement Based Learning

This project builds on a collaboration between five organizations within the Nordic region that have been involved in the growing... »

Nordic network for queer history archives and activities

The aim of this project is to create a network of queer history archives and activities in the Nordic and... »

West Nordic Feminist Network

The project aims to create a sustainable network of West Nordic feminist activists who will become a powerful voice in... »

Gender-based health inequalities among migrant women during COVID-19 and public health responses in the Nordic countries

In Europe, the right to health is upheld in the European Social Charter, obliging states to take measures to promote... »

Minority Stress – Interfem’s Nordic Network for Feminist Activism

The aim of the project Minority Stress – Interfem’s Network for Feminist Activism, is to strengthen the Nordic network for... »

(In)equalities in combining academic knowledge work and care responsibilities

The project aims to build an understanding of how pressures to perform affect the careers of academic knowledge workers with... »

Nordic Women Mediators Network Website

The project aimed to develop a website, an online platform, representing the Nordic Women Mediators (NWM) and its members. The... »

Addressing the gender and diversity paradoxes in innovation – towards a more inclusive policy design (AGDA)

The AGDA project brings into sharper focus the gender-paradox of innovation, especially in the area of green transition, while seeking... »

Power Plays – preventing sexual harassment through memory work & forum theater in workplaces of care

The Power Plays project seeks to break the silencing of sexual harassment in workplaces of care, by promoting workplace cultures... »