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Funded projects

You can search here among the projects that have been granted funds for Nordic co-operation from the Nordic Gender Equality Fund. During 2021, the database will also be supplemented with descriptions of the projects that are granted funding from the Nordic LGBTI Fund and the Nordic research initiative on sexual harassment in the workplace.

You can choose whether to view projects funded in a specific year or completed within a specific theme. Here you can also see project funding, which organisations are collaborating and who the contact person is for the project.

Funded projects (100/100)

Developing training program to support LGBTI+ wellness in school

This Nordic collaboration will contribute to the greater success of LGBTI+ students by giving teachers and school staff access to education... »

LGBTQI senior issues in the Nordic countries

There is very little documented knowledge about the living conditions of older LGBTI people in the Nordic countries. Older LGBTI... »

Trans, labour market, wallet

The project Trans, labour market, wallet aims to produce equality data for trans people and people with trans experience.... »

Decolonial Pedagogies: Practices of solidarity in the Nordic Region

The ‘Decolonial Pedagogies’ project brings scholars and educators in the Nordic region working towards decolonial pedagogies and feminist knowledge production... »

Gender diversity in the Nordic energy sector 2024

Nordic Energy Equality Network (NEEN) and co-applicants will conduct a statistical study on gender diversity in the Nordic energy sector,... »

Nordic-German trade union project on equal pay for equal work

The project with start in 2023 aims to give an overview on the existing gender pay inequalities and on the... »

What are the Nordic countries doing to combat documented sexual exploitation online?

Young people in the Nordics are spending more and more time online, where they come into contact with pornography that... »

Workplace sexual harassment in the hospitality sector from an intersectional perspective

The project aims to explore hospitality workers’ experiences of sexual harassment in Nordic workplaces and to understand how the intersectionality... »

Gender Talks in Sápmi

The project will promote an inclusive social debate in Sápmi and strengthen existing Sami leadership and work on gender equality... »

Women in Nordic ITS (WIN-ITS)

The transport and tech industries are two sectors that are currently unequal. Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) is an umbrella term... »