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Funded projects

You can search here among the projects that have been granted funds for Nordic co-operation from the Nordic Gender Equality Fund. During 2021, the database will also be supplemented with descriptions of the projects that are granted funding from the Nordic LGBTI Fund and the Nordic research initiative on sexual harassment in the workplace.

You can choose whether to view projects funded in a specific year or completed within a specific theme. Here you can also see project funding, which organisations are collaborating and who the contact person is for the project.

Funded projects (80/80)

Power Plays – preventing sexual harassment through memory work & forum theater in workplaces of care

The Power Plays project seeks to break the silencing of sexual harassment in workplaces of care, by promoting workplace cultures... »

Sexual Harassment in Tourism and Hospitality:  Using the past and present to inform the future

This interdisciplinary project takes an intersectional approach to address concerns about the lack of prevention and intervention strategies within the... »

“Speak Up!”:  A practice-oriented research project on the prevention of Sexual Harassment (SUSH)

Responding to the call for prevention efforts being more aware of “intersecting stigmatized identities” which make some employees more vulnerable... »

Enhancing Nordic LGBT+ organisations capacities amidst an international backlash against LGBT+ rights 

A three-day-conference will be arranged in Oslo in May 2022, bringing together Nordic organisations that work to improve rights and living conditions... »

Network gathering for experience exchange among queers in Sápmi 

Through the project, a network gathering for experience exchange and organizational development among queers in Sápmi will be organised. The goal is... »

IWS-Nordic: A Nordic questionnaire assessing sexual harassment at work

Following standardized methods for questionnaire development, this project will develop and validate a questionnaire to assess sexual harassment in a... »

Customer Sexual Harassments in the Nordic Service Workplace

This project aims to carry out a critical analysis of how Nordic ideals regarding management and organisation impact the work... »

Equal pensions – sustainable welfare systems

The project maps and evaluates the pension systems in the Nordic countries, to see how they impact equality. The results... »

Safe Schools – A Nordic Method for Student Participation and Norm Criticism

Through the Safe schools project, the organisations Likestillingssenteret KUN (NO), Ekvalita (FI), and Elevernas Riksförbund (SE) will develop a joint... »

Inclusive Mediation to Sustain Peace

In the 20 years since the ground-breaking UN Security Council resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security, women’s access to... »