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Nordic Research Funding Initiative on Sexual Harassment at work

Spanning 2021-2023, NIKK was administering a research initiative on sexual harassment in the workplace on behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers. The initiative was especially focused on prevention and methods for intervention through industry studies and comparative studies of different industries. Two calls for research funding were made during 2021.

Violence, harassment and other forms of vulnerability in the workplace are major societal challenges with serious consequences for individuals and workplace organisations. But there are major gaps in our knowledge about methods for preventing and stopping violence and harassment, protecting victims and being proactive in workplace environments. Research and evidence-based knowledge is essential to be able to develop new and effective measures to combat sexual harassment in the workplace. 

With this background, the Nordic Council of Ministers decided on a cross-sectoral research initiative jointly with several sectors within the Nordic cooperation. These collaborative sectors were gender equality, culture, working life and the Nordic Committee for Children and Young People.

Projects granted funding


Photo: Carina Elmäng