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Guide for applicants

Open Call 1: Proposals for adding a Nordic dimension to ongoing research projects (supplementary grants).

This call is CLOSED.


The overall objective of the research initiative is to generate new knowledge that can contribute to eradicating sexual harassment at work in the Nordic countries. This open call for supplementary grants specifically aims to add a Nordic Dimension to ongoing research projects relevant to such knowledge.

In the Open Call 1, funding in the form of supplementary grants will be given only to projects based on already ongoing, fully externally funded research projects that have undergone scientific assessment.


An explicit Nordic dimension and added value for combating sexual harassment in working life constitute the key criteria for this call. Therefore, applications must contain detailed descriptions of how, and will be assessed based on how well, the project proposal meets these criteria. 

In addition to meeting the criteria specified above, applications will be assessed based on their scientific quality.

Nordic Dimension

Projects that receive funding must have an explicit Nordic dimension in relation to sexual harassment in the workplace.

This could mean

  • Involving at least two Nordic countries in the proposal, thus contributing to trans-Nordic knowledge relevant to the topic. This means that ongoing projects that mainly focus on a national or local context need to broaden the relevance of their study by including an explicit Nordic dimension in their project
  • A clearly defined Nordic dimension in the proposal, through empirical, comparative, analytical, theoretical, or a similar approach.
  • If the ongoing research project already involves an explicit Nordic dimension, the supplementary grant can be used to strengthen or further develop such paths in the research. When this is the case, the additional activity has to be elaborated and clearly defined in relation to the already ongoing project.

Successful proposals should contain reflections and arguments concerning how the added, supplementary funded part of the research project will contribute to Nordic benefit. 

Added value for combating sexual harassment in the workplace

Projects funded by the supplementary grant are to generate knowledge relevant for combatting sexual harassment in the workplace in the Nordic region. This can be achieved in many ways, including, but not limited to, the study of circumstances surrounding the prevalence of sexual harassment in the workplace, or the study of preventive measures or interventions.

Successful applications should contain reflections and arguments concerning anticipation of how the proposal will contribute knowledge relevant to the combating of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Scientific quality

Successful proposals must contain a clear description of the project’s relevance, theory, originality, as well as its method, and implementation. Applicants are advised to consider how the following aspects are considered:

Relevance: How is the purpose of the proposal, including its research questions, relevant in terms of its scientific scope?

Theory: Are the suggested scientific perspectives well-described, developed and relevant? How is previous research taken into account?

Originality: How is the proposal contributing to scientific development and innovation within the field?

Method: Is the choice of method well-described, developed and relevant?

Implementation: Are the time and work schedules feasible? Is the budget adequate? Are the applicants’ skills and experiences adequate?


Applications can be submitted both by individual researchers and consortiums.

The principal applicant must be affiliated with a university, university college or research institute receiving public funding, and located in a Nordic country, including Greenland, the Faroe Islands, and Åland.

The supplementary grant must be administered by the university, university college or research institute of the principal applicant.

The principal applicant acts as project leader and is responsible for the scientific quality as well as reporting, administration, and project finances.

The principal applicant must have fulfilled all requirements for a doctoral degree no later than the day the call closes.

Project funding and duration

The supplementary grants amount to between DKK 400 000 – 800 000 for a project of 6 – 18 months duration.

The tentative total funding for the call is DKK 1 825 000.

The projects funded in the call are supposed to start during 2021.

Activities commenced before a project is contracted are not eligible for funding.

The application form and deadline

Please note that this call is CLOSED.

Applications are to be made in English.

Complete applications should be submitted no later than 10 June 2021 at 14:00 CET. 

Applications received after deadline will be disregarded, as will any incomplete applications.

In addition to the information submitted on the online application form, the following documents are to be attached (in English):

  • Brief CVs of the participating researchers (max. 7 000 characters including spaces/each)
  • Budget in excel and DKK – template to be used
  • Detailed project plan (max. 25 000 characters including spaces – figures/tables excluded)


For more information on the research initiative and its background, see the following link:

Nordic research funding initiative on sexual harassment at work