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Article Series About Nordic Gender Equality Cooperation

A large number of organisations, government agencies, networks and businesses in the Nordic region work actively to further gender equality. They make assessments, contribute to the debate and promote change.

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To stimulate the Nordic cooperation, in 2013 the Council of Ministers for Gender Equality began allocating money to organisations wishing to arrange joint activities across national boundaries. NIKK is administrating this initiative, and if you want to find out which groups and activities were granted funding in 2013, you can read the new article series Nordic Gender Equality Cooperation in Practice. In a number of articles that will be published here at, the organisations will talk about their visions and how Nordic cooperation can lead to new perspectives and increased impact.

In the first call for applications in 2013, the Nordic Funding Scheme made a total of DKK 1.2 million available for gender equality projects. Eighty applications were submitted, 11 of them were approved. The cooperation projects that were granted funding focused on topics such as media activism, networking against sex trade and the conditions of women in war and conflict.

Updated 4 October 2020