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Banking on Involved Fathers in the Finance Sector

In Denmark, the right to parental leave is regulated by law. However, the exact design and details are largely up to the trade unions and employer organisations to decide together.

All Danish trade unions have negotiated generous terms of parental leave in their collective agreements and continuous efforts are being made to further improve the conditions. The Financial Sector Union is the most progressive trade union in the country, and has negotiated the right to 16 weeks of paid parental leave for fathers.

The Financial Sector Union has about 40,000 members, all of whom work in banking and finance. Approximately 50 per cent of the members are men.

‘On average, our male members take 9.6 weeks of parental leave, which is much better than the average Danish man. Here at the Financial Sector Union, we have made continuous improvements in the area. For example, parents can take the leave either as one long, uninterrupted period or as several shorter periods,’ says Linda Fauerholm, senior adviser at the Financial Services Union.

Updated 15 February 2024