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Nordic Conference on Sexual Harassment at Work

Photo: Carina Elmäng

On 30 October 2023, NIKK is organising a conference in Oslo based on the Nordic research initiative on sexual harassment at work. The projects present their results and together with industry, labour market representatives, decision-makers and researchers there will be discussions on preventive measures, current research and new findings in the Nordic region.

The Nordic conference Prevent and Intervene – Ending Sexual Harassment at Work, at Litteraturhuset in Oslo on 30 October, will follow up on the results of the five projects that have been granted funding in the Nordic research initiative on sexual harassment at work 2021-2023. 

‘The focus on preventive work and collaboration between different labour market actors is what makes this research initiative unique. It will therefore be very exciting, both to learn about the results of the projects and to listen to discussions and reflections on Nordic collaboration in the work against sexual harassment in working life’,  says Maja Lundqvist, coordinator of the conference. 

Violence, harassment and other forms of vulnerability in working life are major social challenges, with serious consequences for individuals and work organisations. At the same time, there are major knowledge gaps in terms of methods for preventing and preventing violence and harassment, protecting vulnerable people and acting proactively in work environments.  

This conference, held in English, will bring together policy makers, labour representatives and researchers to discuss challenges and solutions. In addition to reflections and conclusions from the five funded projects, Nordic dimensions of knowledge about sexual harassment will be discussed, as well as preconditions for developing and implementing new knowledge in the field. 

The research programme is an initiative of all the Nordic ministers for gender equality. It is a cross-sectoral Nordic collaboration between the sectors for gender equality, for culture and for working life and the Nordic Committee for Children and Young People. The initiative is administered by NIKK on behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers. 

Researchers and practitioners in collaboration   awarded funding in Nordic research initiative

How can we increase the knowledge about the role of bystanders in different risk situations? Which tools are needed to to break the silencing of sexual harassment in workplaces of care, and to promote a workplace culture prone to actively prevent sexual harassment? How can researchers and working life actors contribute to prevention strategies for the tourism and hospitality sectors? These are issues that are highlighted in the research projects that have been granted funds in the research initiative by the Nordic Council of Ministers, with focus on sexual harassment in working life.

Working life in the Nordic countries has many similarities in terms of overall structures and regulations, but also in terms of usual practice and procedures. Yet we know little about the importance of these structures for understanding or preventing sexual harassment in the workplace. 

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a complex area that touches on many different areas of knowledge and fields of research. Research into violence, into sexual harassment, and into other forms of harassment in the workplace are some of the cornerstones that can provide a better picture of the problem, make it more likely that prevention will work, and assist in developing effective intervention methods. 

In light of this, the Nordic Council of Ministers decided to support a Nordic research initiative, with two Open Calls, in co-operation between several sectors within the Nordic collaboration. Sectors involved include gender equality, culture, working life and the Nordic Committee for Children and Young People.  

Granted research projects in Open Call 2 

Open Call 2 was aimed at researchers and practitioners who intend to initiate practice-based research activities in collaboration. This call focuses mainly on preventative measures and methods for intervention through industry studies and comparative studies of different industries. The proposals are to be developed in partnership between several Nordic countries. 

Applications that met the criteria was assessed by external academic reviewers. Decisions were made after consulting the cross-sectoral reference group appointed by the Nordic Council of Ministers in connection with this initiative. The following research projects have been granted funds in Open Call 2:  

NIKK is administering the research initiative and will also disseminate information about and knowledge from the projects that are awarded grants in the two Open Calls.

Read more about the research initiative and the two Open Calls here.

Updated 21 March 2022