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From Part Time to Full Time – Conference for Gender Equality in the Nordic Region

NIKK, Nordic information on Gender, will host a Nordic participative conference in Reykjavik 12 November 2014. The conference aims for change: how do we turn part time into full time in the Nordic labour markets?

The Nordic countries share many features. One is that many part-time workers in the different countries would rather work full time. Another is that a majority of the countries’ part-time workers are women. The Nordic gender equality ministers see this as a gender equality problem and have commissioned NIKK to investigate the situation further.
A research report on why more women than men work part time will be presented this autumn. NIKK is asking how change can best be achieved and are therefore inviting experts, researchers, politicians, trade unions, employer and practitioners in the fields of gender equality and the labour market – to a participative conference.
The idea is to share knowledge and participate in creative dialogue and experience exchange, help create a shared platform with recommendations to policy-makers and employers.

Bose Parbring
 Bosse Parbring. Photo: Anneli Tillberg

“Our hopes are that the conference can convey input to the Nordic Council of Ministers and the labour market parties, which will contribute to change and a gender equal labour market. We also hope that the participants’ exchange of experience will inspire them to new ways to work in their respective organisations”, says Bosse Parbring, head of NIKK:s project Part Time Work in the Nordic Region.

The conference is arranged in cooperation with the Icelandic Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers, which will also host a conference on equal pay on 13 November 2014.

Updated 30 August 2020