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A Nordic model for youth driven prevention of sexual harassment and violations

As recently evidenced by the metoo movement, women and girls as well as LGBTIQ, continue to experience sexism and violations in the public space, also in the Nordic countries. With this project we wanted to ensure that youth protect each other and respect their own and others’ rights and boundaries in relation to gender, body and sexuality. We therefore developed a Nordic model for youth-driven prevention of sexual harassment and violations.

Strengthening the engagement of youth in the prevention of sexual harassment and violations will contribute to the well-being of this generation and transformative change. It will also contribute to the formation of new champions who can take the agenda forward in new ways and maintain the position of the Nordic countries as front-runners in the advancement of gender equality globally. Building on the joint experience and knowledge of the Family Planning Associations of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, the project developed a scalable model campaign to reach and engage young people to this end, which can be replicated or adapted to the context of additional Nordic countries and beyond.

Updated 8 April 2022