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Developing training program to support LGBTI+ wellness in school

While Nordic countries are generally at the forefront of legislation and welfare to improve LGBTI+ rights, school environments are witnessing regression and a rise of hate speech and violence.

Vulnerable LGBTI+ children and young people, particularly where living in small rural communities where specialist care is generally unavailable, are disproportionately impacted by greater homogeneity and intersectional issues.

This Nordic collaboration will contribute to the greater success of LGBTI+ students by giving teachers and school staff access to education to combat student prejudice, exclusion, and marginalisation.

It provides an information forum to increase knowledge, attend courses, gain counselling, share news, and access material from a database of videos, electronic courses, podcasts, discussions on closed websites and advice. It enables connection with other school professionals in Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Sweden, and the resulting online toolkit will be a lasting legacy.

Updated 1 February 2024