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Enhancing Nordic LGBT+ organisations capacities amidst an international backlash against LGBT+ rights 

A three-day-conference will be arranged in Oslo in May 2022, bringing together Nordic organisations that work to improve rights and living conditions for the LGBT+ population. 

The conference will also establish a permanent Nordic LGBT+ council consisting of small and large LGBT + organizations in the Nordic region. SETA, Samtökin ’78, RFSL, LGBT + Denmark and FRI have the main responsibility for the conference and will invite organizations from their respective countries and autonomous territories. 

The background for bringing the Nordic organizations together consists of several points, including the fact that ILGA Europe’s Rainbow Map for 2021 shows a standstill and a decline in rights for the LGBT+ population. No Nordic country is among the top three in the ranking. Lack of legal rights and poorer living conditions are several factors that play a role in this. 

The formalisation of a Nordic LGBT+ council and network will enable the exchange of experience and knowledge on how the effort can best be strengthened on a more permanent basis. 

Updated 16 January 2023