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Gender perspectives and climate in the Arctic

Climate change and growing industries have changed people’s lives in the Nordic and Russian Arctic. Researchers from Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia collaborated in this project to study the changes in a gender perspective.

A research network was formed through the project, with an aim to stimulate dialogue and strengthen the cooperation between researchers from different universities. The project also wanted to contribute to cooperation between researchers and actors involved in gender equality issues in the region.

The researchers explored the changes in livelihood opportunities and also conducted fieldwork in the region. They interviewed inhabitants in various occupational groups and the results were discussed at a number of workshops and at a final seminar in September 2014. The goal was for the seminar to lay the groundwork for a more extensive research project.

Research from the project was also presented at a conference titled Voices in Nordic Gender Research at Roskilde University in 2014.

Updated 18 January 2023