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Gender Talks in Sápmi

The project will promote an inclusive social debate in Sápmi and strengthen existing Sami leadership and work on gender equality issues in Sápmi through targeted discussion forums and lectures arranged physically and digitally aimed at Sami people in current leading positions, young people and Sami organisations. The project will also contribute to a better knowledge base on measures for increased gender equality in Sápmi, and research needs on gender equality by compiling existing knowledge and identifying and highlighting knowledge gaps based on the organised discussions.

The project will contribute to:

  • that gender equality issues are actively discussed and debated by Sami organisations and Sami political forums
  • increased knowledge of the current situation in Sápmi regarding gender equality 
  • identify needs for action as well as knowledge gaps and prioritised research areas
  • provide recommendations on how Sami organisations can work more actively on gender equality issues.

Updated 13 December 2023