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IWS-Nordic: A Nordic questionnaire assessing sexual harassment at work

Following standardized methods for questionnaire development, this project will develop and validate a questionnaire to assess sexual harassment in a standardized manner, across the Nordic countries of Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

The Danish questionnaire Inventory of Workplace Sexual Harassment (IWS) will be translated into Norwegian and Swedish. Using these Norwegian and Swedish versions of the questionnaire, survey data from employees in Norway and Sweden will be collected. In combination with Danish data that are already being collected, this pooled dataset containing survey data from the three included countries will be used to evaluate the questionnaire psychometrically and to identify a core of items that measure sexual harassment similarly across the included countries.

This Nordic questionnaire (IWS-Nordic) will provide an essential tool for comparative research on sexual harassment between the countries and for workplaces to initiate and monitor preventive action.

Updated 1 July 2022