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LGBTQI senior issues in the Nordic countries

There is very little documented knowledge about the living conditions of older LGBTI people in the Nordic countries. Older LGBTI people who are actively engaged in the LGBTI movement are also underrepresented. Knowledge of the needs of older LGBTI people is often non-existent among health and social care staff. Despite common challenges, there is little co-operation between the Nordic countries on LGBTI and ageing.

Through a physical conference, we will gather experts, professionals and representatives from the target group from all Nordic countries and the autonomous regions. The conference will result in a network where LGBTI organisations and other relevant actors can exchange knowledge and experiences of bringing together older LGBTI people, collaborate and support each other in working towards the inclusion of the LGBTI perspective in political processes relevant specifically to older people. It will also provide an opportunity for the organisations to jointly speak out as a Nordic network on related issues and processes in society at Nordic, EU and UN level.

Updated 2 February 2024