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NORA conference: Voices in Nordic gender research

NORA – Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research – is a scholarly journal focusing on Nordic gender research. When the Roskilde and Aalborg Universities held the editorship of the publication, which is published in English, they applied for funding to host a conference in Roskilde in November 2014. The purpose of the conference was to enable Nordic researchers and others with an interest in gender research to share the latest studies and findings with each other. The conference yielded eight keynote lectures and a large number of papers on or related to Nordic gender research within a broad spectrum of theoretical and empirical subject areas: gender equality and the welfare state, knowledge and concepts related to body and embodied experiences, feminist strategies, sexuality, normativity and identity politics.

The conference contributed to increased knowledge about NORA and strengthened the ties among Nordic researchers and research environments. It was also decided that a Nordic gender research conference will be arranged every three years. The planning of the 2017 event began already at the end of the conference.

Updated 21 November 2019