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Nordic Futures: QTIBIPoC Movement Based Learning

This project builds on a collaboration between five organizations within the Nordic region that have been involved in the growing QTIBIPoC movement. The project’s purpose is to collaboratively create a practical toolkit in partnership with QTIBIPOCs – a resource designed by and for the community. This toolkit will partly serve as a transformative intervention for Nordic organizations, welfare systems, schools, and other institutions that engage with QTIBIPOCs. We also want the toolkit to serve as a resource for QTIBIPOC organizing and create opportunities for cross-border coalitions.

The toolkit will introduce readers to an intersectional understanding of systems of oppression and power, and develop a contextual and historical analysis of the Nordic region. Most importantly, the toolkit will draw its strength from real-life experiences, activist strategies, organizational skills, and movement expertise from across the region.

QTIBIPoC stands for Queer, Trans*, Inter* and Black, Indigenous, People of Colour.

Updated 26 January 2024