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Nordic Futures: QTIBIPoC Movement Based Learning

This project builds on a collaboration between five organizations within the Nordic region that have been involved in the growing QTIBIPoC movement. Through research, the project will develop a digital and physical toolkit that stems from the experiences of QTIBIPoCs (Queer, Trans*, Inter* and Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) in the Nordic region and will include a theory and history section, and a practical section. The toolkit will assist in continuous evaluation and learning over the long term, and serve as a knowledge bank and blueprint for working with QTIBIPoCs in the region. We will also arrange a Nordic conference where the research and toolkit recommendations will be presented through workshops, discussions and presentations. The conference will host actors throughout the region, serve as a networking opportunity and provide capacity-building based on the toolkit. This will allow participants to take new skills back to their communities, organizations, and workplaces to strengthen their work with the target group across the region and beyond the project.

QTIBIPoC stands for Queer, Trans*, Inter* and Black, Indigenous, People of Colour.

Updated 16 January 2023