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Online violence against women in the Nordic region

With the rise of social media and the spread of new technology, violence against women online has increased in recent years. It now includes harassment, persecution, blackmail / threats, identity theft, access to or dissemination of private data, child pornography, sexual abuse or rape, and uploading photos and videos without consent.

This project aimed to document how online violence against women is expressed in Iceland, Denmark and Norway. This was done through in-depth interviews with people affected by online violence and revenge porn.

A special focus was also placed on gathering experience of reporting offenders and getting legal redress. What opportunities and approaches exist? To place the issue in a global context, the final report was written in English and published online. Summaries are available in Icelandic, Danish and Norwegian. The goal is to contribute to gender equality policy discussions, nationally and locally, about online violence.

Updated 23 October 2023