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Resolution 1325 in the Nordic region

The Nordic countries work closely with NATO, are present in conflict areas and participate in peace processes, but what priority do they give to issues related to women, peace and security? The organisations behind the project wanted to discuss this question at a seminar and workshop at the Nordic Forum in Malmö, Sweden in 2014. Their intention with these contributions was to promote networking between different Nordic actors and to introduce a broader audience to issues related to women, peace and security.

The seminar and workshop focused on Resolution 1325, which was adopted by the UN Security Council in 2000 to strengthen the protection of women in war and conflict and increase their participation in peace processes. The seminar targeted the public, researchers, authorities and civil society and focused on disseminating information about Resolution 1325 in a Nordic context and how far the different countries have come in their implementation of the resolution. Actors in civil society that work with women, peace and security issues in the Nordic region were invited to the workshop, and the chief aim was to share experiences and learn from each other. After the forum, the project submitted a document to the Nordic ministries and a foundation was laid for continued Nordic cooperation.

Updated 21 November 2019