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“Speak Up!”:  A practice-oriented research project on the prevention of Sexual Harassment (SUSH)

Responding to the call for prevention efforts being more aware of “intersecting stigmatized identities” which make some employees more vulnerable to sexual harassment than others, the SUSH project was positioned in the ethical infrastructure tradition and targets bystanders, whose actions may affect sexual harassment situations positively or negatively.

The main aim of the SUSH project was to develop and test the effects of theory- and research-based bystander sexual harassment interventions in close partnership with working life actors across three Nordic settings (Denmark, Sweden and Norway). An expected effect of the interventions was increased awareness of the negative consequences of passive or colluding bystander behaviour and of risk situations for sexual harassment. A long-term outcome of the SUSH-methodology in continuing projects, will be to provide empirically tested sexual harassment interventions to be used by workplaces in Nordic countries.

Updated 18 January 2024