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Understanding gender inequality among caregivers in aging sector in Nordic countries

The project is aimed at promoting new knowledge that contribute to the enhancement of gender equality among caregivers in the aging sector. The purpose of this project is to develop a broader network through two workshops, and to conduct a small-scale study. The participants will contribute to the gathering of existing knowledge on women as caregivers in elderly service sector suffer from inequality and social injustices from diverse perspectives; how women’s career path as care service providers and the value of the job are apparently inconsistent; how low salary and early retirement  interact with each other, and provide an unequal situation for women caregivers at the end of their career, which apparently affect their socio-economic status; how policies prevailed in labor market interplay in Nordic welfare model when other job sectors are compared?

The project will develop a common understanding, and a methodology to address the issues presented above, identify concrete gaps, and specific socio-cultural challenges in given contexts. The results of the workshops will be used to produce a short report.

Updated 30 June 2020