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WIFT Nordic

WIFT Nordic Network was established during Nordisk Panorama in Malmö, September 2014. The network aims to increase gender equality in Nordic film and television. WIFT Nordic Network wants to empower women to reach their goals, raise awareness of what the gender representation looks like in Nordic film and TV production and change systematic structures that are hindering gender equality. During 2015-2016, WIFT Nordic and collaborators will plan and prepare a seminar, lecture or training initiative on gender equality to be held during a Nordic film festival.

WIFT (Women in Film and Television) is originally an American organization founded in the 1970s as a protest against the male domination in the film industry. Today the organization is present in around forty countries. WIFT Finland, WIFT Sweden, WIFT Norway and WIFT Denmark and WIFT Iceland have 700 members altogether.

Updated 19 November 2019