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Safe Schools – A Nordic Method for Student Participation and Norm Criticism

Through the Safe schools project, the organisations Likestillingssenteret KUN (NO), Ekvalita (FI), and Elevernas Riksförbund (SE) have developed a joint Nordic method based on norm criticism to create an inclusive and equal school with a focus on increased student participation in the “Safe School” project.

This has been done through five different work packages involving visits and workshops with student councils, principals and student representatives at upper secondary schools in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Åland. Together with student councils and student representatives, the project has tested and further developed methods that can be used to strengthen student participation and the relevance and influence of student councils.

Trygga skolan has worked to increase safety at school and to promote a greater diversity of voices in student council work and the prevention of exclusion, bullying and harassment. The results of the project have now been compiled in a methodology book and on a website focusing on norm-critical work in schools.

Updated 7 February 2024