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Gender diversity in the Nordic energy sector 2024

Nordic Energy Equality Network (NEEN) and co-applicants will conduct a statistical study on gender diversity in the Nordic energy sector, following up on “Gender equality in the Nordic energy sector” from 2021. The aim is to collect updated data on women’s positions, decision-making power, and how they are experiencing working in the sector.

The project will:

  1. build a Nordic barometer tracking the role women play in the sector based on gender diversity surveys in the Nordic energy sector,
  2. develop “Spotlight” analyses focusing on the main takeaways from the barometer and develop recommendations,
  3. continue to raise awareness for the promotion of gender equality & diversity in the sector through:
    1. an open Nordic launch event where we present key findings and give a voice to emblematic speakers for gender diversity in energy,
    1. participate at relevant events in the Nordics and Europe,
  4. expand the Nordic women energy expert list NEEN launched in 2020.

NEEN believes that the sustainable energy transition is far too important to only be decided upon by a small section of society within the economy and technology field. A Nordic barometer tracking progress in this field is key for a future, sustainable society as numbers speak volumes.

Addressing the gender and diversity paradoxes in innovation – towards a more inclusive policy design (AGDA)

The AGDA project brought into sharper focus the gender-paradox of innovation, especially in the area of green transition, while seeking to provide a knowledge base and a shared platform for co-creating better practices for inclusion, diversity and gender equality through processes of programme ideation, design and implementation.

The project consisted of a literature study, a synthesis of existing evaluation and monitoring frameworks and gender plans, as well as dialogues and a co-creation platform and networking of Nordic innovation and research funding bodies, their practitioner and key stakeholders and experts.

Results were communicated through open events, academic conferences, Nordic platforms and social media. We organised three Timeout dialogues on the topic, the first one with stakeholders and academic researchers at the Geography Days 2022 in Tampere, Finland, second with green transition and energy innovation stakeholders in Vaasa, Finland, and the third one with regional research and innovation stakeholders in Sogndal, Norway.

The publication event was organised online. The event was recorded and made available online. In addition, a side event at the Swedish Innovation Days, in collaboration with VINNOVA, Sweden, was organised.  RDI financing organisations and stakeholders from the scientific community have been contacted to deliver the findings as informative info packages.  

Equal pensions – sustainable welfare systems

The project mapped and evaluated the pension systems in the Nordic countries, to see how they impact gender equality. The results were collated in a report, together with suggestions for improvement. The report was presented at a Nordic summit meeting on equal pensions and disseminated to relevant Nordic target groups in several ways. Parallel to the project, an information campaign was carried out, aimed at young people in the Nordic countries. The campaign highlighted how life choices affect a future pension.

The project seeked to increase knowledge about how the design of pension systems in the Nordic countries affect economic equality between women and men. This knowledge is vital in making future pension reforms fair and sustainable. It will also reinforce the trust in the mutually financed welfare systems of the Nordic countries.

The project created opportunities for exchange of experience between women’s organisations and decision makers in the Nordic countries, which furthers the Nordic collaboration as well as the organisation of the Nordic women’s movement.

Updated 24 January 2024