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How to break the cycle of violence? New report maps the situation in the Nordic region

Gender-related violence is a widespread and persistent problem in the Nordic countries. What are the best methods to change the behaviour of the perpetrators and thereby end the violence?

During the Finnish presidency in 2016, the Nordic Council of Ministers initiated a project to map out the different services available in the Nordic countries and the autonomous regions for perpetrators. The project was titled ”Nu Räcker Det”! Nordiska modeller för att få slut på våld i nära relationer (meaning [It’s] Enough Now! Nordic models to end violence in close relationships).

The new report  ”Nordic Countries Overview of Work with Perpetrators of Intimate Partner Violence” includes everything from which treatments perpetrators are offered to challenges and results.

Regarding the main results obtained most of the service providers are allocated in an urban area. Moreover, long-term funding is not very common in the Nordic Countries. One third of the staff works part-time, and it is mostly composed by psychologists.

Some of the recommendations in the report: Long-term commitment in terms of financial resources is required. Different referral routes or paths of entry should be accommodated. Staff should be specialized and programmes should focus recognizing the gendered dynamics, impacts, and consequences of violence. Partner should be included in the treatment process in different forms.

Updated 23 January 2020