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New Nordic fund to promote equal rights for LGBTI people

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Since 2020, the Nordic countries have been working together to ensure that LGBTI people have equal rights, equal treatment and equal opportunities in the region. This year, calls for proposals to finance projects from the Nordic LGBTI Fund are being issued for the first time. The Fund aims to promote Nordic efforts to improve conditions for LGBTI people. 

The strategy for new Nordic co-operation on improving conditions for LGBTI people will be put into effect in 2021. Part of this work is the new Fund, which aims to promote Nordic co-operation in the LGBTI area.  

“LGBTI people should be able to live free, open and good lives in the Nordic countries. The Nordic LGBTI Fund is an important part of achieving this. The Fund is a unique way of supporting work for change in the Nordic countries in the LGBTI area,” says Thomas Blomqvist, Finland’s Minister for Nordic Co-operation and Gender Equality. 

Projects that contribute to work for equal rights, equal treatment and equal opportunities for LGBTI people in the Nordic countries can apply for financing from the Fund. A total of DKK 238,000 will be distributed. NIKK is the administrator of the Nordic LGBTI Fund on behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers and will accept applications after the summer of 2021.  

As with the Nordic Gender Equality Fund, actors from at least three Nordic countries need to be involved in each application. Thanks to this co-operation, knowledge is growing and being shared across borders. We are finding common solutions and learning from each other. The activities should start during 2021 and are to be carried out within two years. The funding can be used to develop common methods and new knowledge, and to hold conferences and build networks, etc. 

“The new Fund will strengthen the work to ensure equal rights, equal treatment and equal opportunities for LGBTI people in the Nordic countries. We know that there is a great deal of expertise, knowledge and the will to drive this development forward, in particular in civil society. And we hope that this will be reflected in the applications received,” says Thomas Blomqvist. 

Preliminary important dates for the Nordic LGBTI Fund

You need to apply via a form, which will be available from during the application period. 

  • 1 September – the call opens  
  • 30 September – deadline for applications  
  • November/December – decisions notified to applicants  
  • December – contracts will be signed 

Read more about the Nordic LGBTI Fund here and prepare your application by reading our guide for those seeking funding. 

Updated 23 May 2022