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New Publications about Part-Time Work in the Nordic Region

Women work part time to a much larger extent than men, and this pattern is found in all Nordic countries. The project Part-Time Work in the Nordic Region has provided an arena for discussion about the effects of part-time employment. The results of the initiative are described in two new publications.


The causes of part-time work are discussed in the fact sheet Part-time Work – Different Economic Effects for Women and Men. The publication summarises the report Part-Time Work in the Nordic Region II, written within the framework of the project.

Experts met to discuss important issues and questions for the future at the project’s final conference in Reykjavik in autumn 2014. The results from the conference as well as the challenges related to part-time employment in the Nordic region are described in the fact sheet Part Time Culture and Full Time Norm – Paths to Gender-Equal Working Time in the Nordic Countries.

Part-Time Work in the Nordic Region was carried out 2013–2014. Nordic Information on Gender coordinated the project on behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Updated 19 February 2024