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Conference and Seminar on Gender Equality: Who Does What? Gender Segregation in the Labour Market and Division of Labour in the Home

How does gender segregation of the labour market and division of labour in the home effect gender equality? Why are there so few men in the fields of care and education? Why do men not take longer paternity leave? Do men participate at home or do women work part-time in order to make things work at home? Who is responsible for gender equality in the labour market and in the home? Does the labour market in rural areas take the needs of both men and women into consideration? These are among the questions discussed in The Nordic House in Torshavn on May 27th.

 The Nordic House in Torshavn. Photo: Nordens Hus

The conference will host researchers and specialists from the Nordic countries as well as discussion panels where issues are discussed in depth. Results from a research project on
part-time work in the Nordic countries will be presented with insight into the second phase of the project, continuing throughout the year 2014.

On the 28th of May there will be a seminar on gender, politics and gender equality focusing on women’s suffrage and its impact on gender politics, men’s collaboration in the future and political commitment regarding gender equality. The programme includes addresses from politicians and lectures by specialists in Nordic gender history.

The event is part of the Icelandic Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2014 and is jointly organised by The Ministry of Welfare in Iceland, The Centre for Gender Equality, Iceland, in cooperation with the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Updated 4 October 2020