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New Nordic Model for improved equality in the Nordic Media Industry

The objective of the project is to – across the Nordic Region – to gather knowledge and to highlight what inhibits and what promotes gender balance in the media industry. This is done in order to develop solutions that can lead to greater gender equality and equality in the industry.

During the autumn of 2020, a widespread culture of sexual violation was uncovered in the Danish media world – a culture that can be interpreted as a symptom of gender imbalance and inequality. The industry is struggling with informal power structures as well as a continuing hierarchical gender gap. In Norway, Sweden and Iceland, gender equality has been on the agenda for a long time – especially after the MeToo wave arrived here in 2017. The Danish debate now also gives Danish media companies the opportunity and motivation to work with culture and push further for the necessary changes. 

The project runs over three years and aims to ensure that knowledge about formal and informal equality in the Nordic media industry as well as the best experiences and solutions are shared so that they can be used in practice in the individual Nordic media companies. The aim is a real change in norms. Experience from the project will also form the basis for teaching and continuing training courses.

The project is led by the Danish School of Media and Journalism in close cooperation with experienced media leaders, the Nordic journalists’ associations and other relevant partners. The Nordic Journalism Centre will be responsible for organising and conducting the course activity.

Updated 2 July 2021