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Feminist and queer solidarities beyond borders

This project aims to establish a cross-national network to develop analytic and strategical tools to combat inequalities on the rise in the Nordic region, Russia and Turkey.

This project has two goals:

1) to establish a cross-national and cross-professional network of academics and activists who work on women’s and LGBT-rights in three geographical contexts: the Nordic countries, Russia and Turkey;

2) to develop novel analytic and strategic tools to use in the struggle against gendered, sexualized, ethnicized and racialized inequalities that currently are on the rise in the Nordic region and beyond.

The project will deepen and nuance our understandings of the particularities that characterize the struggles for gender equality in various contexts. It will gather crucial insights into how activists and researchers in these variegated locations challenge anti-gender and homophobic policies in times of political backlash against democracy and the rise of the far-right. The results of this project will provide us with novel tools that are urgently needed in contemporary struggles against expressions of violence, hatred and inequalities in an increasingly transnational world.

Updated 19 November 2019