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Nordic cooperation in equality work with a focus on masculinity

The project will deepen Nordic cooperation within methods, material development and networking within gender equality work with a focus on masculinity.

This will begin with a two-day inter-Nordic meeting on 3-4 December arranged by Ekvalita and DareGender. The meeting will kick start the method and material development to support work within the Nordic nations on a broad front.

We are inviting around 20 representatives from various organisations that already carry out important work relating to masculinity around the Nordic region. We are carrying out concrete and dynamic work in connection with issues such as violence, models for bringing up young people, sex education and discussions on pornography and masculinity.

Extremely valuable work is already being carried out in the Nordic region to create a more empathic, responsible and mature model for manliness, and we aim to use the funding granted by NIKK to take this work to new levels within the Nordic nations.

Nordic MenEngage conference – Making the invisible visible

The main activity of this project was a Nordic MenEngage Conference in Oslo, February 2017. NGOs and actors working with boys and men shared and spread knowledge on how to work practically with boys and men to stop violence against girls, women and others.

Workshops were designated to the knowledge exchange and development on other practical issues: how to counteract gender stereotypes, promote caring and the role of gender equality policy in the Nordic countries.

Projected outcomes of the conference were a strengthening of organizations and individuals in organizations working with boys and men and for gender equality – beyond specialist organizations. The conference encouraged the development of new measures and new projects that promote gender equality. An online publication with comments and highlights from the conference was published.

Men Engage network

Gender equality-promoting organisations targeting men and masculinities have been formed in several Nordic countries since the early 1990s. Examples include Men for Gender Equality in Sweden, Reform in Norway, Profeministimiehet in Finland and White Ribbon in Denmark.

The purpose of this project was to create a Nordic network for gender equality-promoting organisations targeting men and masculinities with an overarching aim to contribute to non-discrimination and social justice. The network met several times in 2014 and 2015 to discuss further development and to support the formation of organisations in Nordic countries lacking entities of this type. The network has continued its cooperation after the end of the project period.

Latest updated 21 November 2019