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Nordic Ministers for Gender Equality Attend UN CSW

The Nordic ministers for gender equality will provide a strong Nordic presence in New York during the second week of March. On 11 March the ministers will meet in a panel discussion on men’s role in gender equality.

Illustration: Emma Hanquist
 Illustration: Emma Hanquist

“Men are important supporters in areas where the status of women needs to be strengthened, for example, in fighting violence against women. The Nordic countries have some good examples of this that we would like to share with you in New York”, says the Danish Minister of Gender Equality, Manu Sareen, the chair of the Nordic Council of Minsters for Gender Equality in 2015.

In their new co-operation programme, the Nordic ministers for gender equality highlight the example of men in traditionally female dominated occupations. Breaking the gender division in the labour market promotes both the career and job opportunities for both sexes, as well as reducing the income gap between women and men which arises as a result of division along gender lines.

“Let’s not forget that a more equal division of care work in families promotes both women’s opportunities in the labour market and men’s role as fathers. Many will spend more time with their children”, says Manu Sareen.

The Nordic minister’s panel will take place in the UN Headquarters, auditorium Dag H, on Wednesday 11 March, 11.30–12.45 local time. The seminar will be streamed live on

Equality affects the economy

A basic prerequisite for economic growth is a high participation in the labour market of both sexes – but personal finances are also affected by gender equality policies. In conjunction with CSW, the Nordic Council of Ministers is organising a expert seminar on gender equality as a crucial economic parameter, where different viewpoints on gender equality as a prerequisite for economic growth and prosperity will be presented.

The expert seminar will take place in the UN Headquarters, auditorium Dag H, on Monday 16 March, 13.15-14.30 local time.

Updated 18 June 2020