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Nordic co-operation to combat gender segregation in the labour market

How can gender segregation in the Nordic labour market be overcome? What are the problems and solutions in the health and care sector and the media sector? This is what the two projects that have been granted funding from the Nordic Gender Equality Fund’s programme call will investigate.

In autumn 2020, NIKK conducted a strategic programme call aimed at combating gender segregation in the labour market. The call was aimed at collaborations that wanted to develop and implement relevant solutions to problems in relation to the gender-segregated labour market. Two projects were granted funding and will work for change for up to four years:

Share the Care – Attracting men to nursing education to counteract a gender-segregated labour market.

The project will develop new knowledge to reduce gender segregation in the female-dominated health and care sector. During the four-year project period, the project will follow year groups in nursing education and document the reasons for drop-outs and delays in the programme and gather important knowledge on how to counteract the problems.

Efforts include educational materials and communication, as well as special platforms for male students to minimise the risks of exclusion. Study and career counselling groups will be set up for knowledge gathering and promotion of men in the health sector. The activities will provide educational institutions with valuable insights on how to recruit and retain men in nursing education. Read more about the project Share the Care.

New Nordic Model for greater equality in the Nordic media industry

The project will gather knowledge and highlight what hinders and promotes gender equality in the media industry. This is done in order to develop solutions that can lead to greater gender equality in the industry.

The three-year project will ensure that knowledge about formal and informal gender equality in the Nordic media industry is shared between the Nordic countries. The best experiences and solutions will be identified so that they can be put into practice in the different Nordic media companies. Experiences from the project will also form the basis for teaching and training courses. Read more about the project.

Updated 30 January 2024