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Nordic Conference:

Improving Working Life for Trans People

Photo: Johnér/Maskot

Photo: Johnér/Maskot

In the Nordic region, as well as internationally, working life conditions for trans people as a group are worse than for the majority population. Unemployment is higher among trans people and they experience discrimination and harassment in their working life.

To strengthen the knowledge about trans people’s working life conditions through Nordic co-operation, the Nordic Council of Ministers would like to invite key actors to a conference.

The conference will build on existing Nordic knowledge on trans people’s working life conditions in the Nordic region, providing a comprehensive picture of the current situation. It will showcase the newly published knowledge review Trans People’s Working Life Conditions in the Nordic Region, up to date strategies and other forms of knowledge.

By focusing on the situation of trans people in particular, the conference will highlight an area where knowledge is limited, and thereby provide an important platform. The aim is to bring together experts and key actors in the field from across the region, provide an opportunity to share knowledge, enable dialogue and enhance Nordic co-operation on the working life conditions of trans people.

Invitation only

Participation in this conference is by invitation only. We strive to ensure a balance of representatives from different sectors and professions as well as a balance of representation from different Nordic countries.

Target audience

The conference’s target group is broad and includes representatives from relevant ministries/departments, employers’ organisations, trade unions, civil society, equality bodies, authorities and other stakeholders working strategically with inclusion and diversity in working life.

The conference is implemented by Nordic Information on Gender, NIKK, in cooperation with the Nordic Council of Ministers.