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Application form: Targeted call for proposals

Targeted call for proposals – gender segregation in the labour market programme

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  • Read more about the requirements regarding participating countries in the guidelines

  • Time period

    Projects run for a maximum period of four years and are expected to start in early 2021.
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  • Date Format: YYYY dash MM dash DD
  • Activity details

    With this call for proposals, the Nordic Council of Ministers aims to fund collaborative projects working for sustainable change, with a focus on countering the gender-segregated labour market.
  • Describe the principal activities in the project, and the anticipated results/effects of each of these activities.
  • This call for proposals is intended to promote change projects aimed at confronting challenges related to the gender-segregated labour market. These are projects that contribute new or updated knowledge, and/or can share experiences concerning knowledge, methods and models related to gender inequality/equality. Describe the gender inequality problems in the gender-segregated labour market that you have identified and which your project intends to address, as well as what your understanding of these problems is based on theory and proven experience.
  • Describe how your project will contribute to change and add new knowledge, referencing previous work, knowledge and/or research. Describe how the project intends to learn from what has been successful as well as what has not worked.
  • Describe how you plan to proceed in order to address the problems identified. Justify your choice of approach in relation to its potential for achieving results and drawing conclusions from these results. In addition, clear goals set on the basis of the formulation of the problem must be included along with a justification for each of the initiatives and activities required to achieve the change that is necessary to achieve these goals.
  • Describe what the main applicant and each of the partners will contribute to the project – such as skills, perspectives, and experiences – as well as their prior experience of similar collaborations How do the partners complement each other and how will the partners involved generate change together?
  • Describe how and to which target groups you plan to communicate your project and its results, and how you will ensure that these results will remain available even after the end of the project. Describe how the change can be sustained and communicated to other relevant actors Please note that the projects are expected to produce a knowledge base for the Nordic Council of Ministers, which will enable others to learn from and further develop the knowledge generated by the projects.
  • Explain why the project should run in the form of a Nordic collaboration, and describe the added value and the challenges that you perceive in working together across national borders.

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  • Label it with the name of the activity. See instructions on how to present the budget under Criteria for assessment of applications, 5. Economic viability Max file size: 5Mb. Fomat: pdf. Max no of files: 5. If you experience problems uploading the files, you are welcome to email them to
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