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Presidency 2020

The Nordic Council of Ministers’ presidency rotates annually between the five Nordic countries. In 2020, Denmark held the presidency.

Within the framework of Nordic gender equality cooperation, the Danish Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers 2020 will focus on:

The Danish Presidency will carry out activities focused on combating violence and sexual abuse in private and in the labor market. Men and gender equality will also be on the agenda.

Greenland hosts a seminar for professionals on violence in close relationships. Denmark also allocates funds to continue work on a research project on sexual harassment in working life initiated by Iceland.

Denmark also launches a study and a subsequent conference on “the manosphere” – forum on the Internet where especially young men gather in opposition to gender equality and where they mobilize for hatred and threats online for women and minorities.

To involve men in gender equality work, two conferences are held in collaboration with Estonia and Latvia on masculinity norms and men’s role in creating gender equality.

In addition, the LHBTI area is rooted in the gender equality sector in the Nordic Council of Ministers and a first study is being conducted in the Nordic countries in order to shape future efforts in the best possible way.

Denmark, as chair of the Council, is also responsible for the Nordic co-operation internationally and to contribute to an exchange of knowledge, including at the UN Women’s Commission’s meeting, CSW64.