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Online Hate Speech and Perpetrators Scrutinised in this Year’s Fund Projects

What can be done to stop hate speech and sexism in the comment fields in social media? What are the best measures to break perpetrators’ patterns of violence? These questions are the focal point of some of the projects that receive funding from the Nordic Gender Equality Fund this year.

NIKK spade symbol

Each year, NIKK administers funding for measures and collaborations in the area of gender equality in the Nordic countries on behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers. The Gender Equality Fund was initiated by the Nordic gender equality ministers to stimulate Nordic cooperation within the framework of the priorities laid down in the joint programme.

The list of this year’s approved projects has great breadth. The Danish Institute for Human Rights has gathered a number of Nordic ombudsman institutions to explore effective ways to end hate speech and sexism online. The network will arrange three expert seminars and develop concrete recommendations for what can be done to combat online hate speech.

Another fund project focuses on breaking perpetrators’ patterns of violence. The coordinators of this project will arrange a conference in Helsinki in order to facilitate sharing of knowledge and the establishment of a Nordic professional network that will focus on the perpetrator perspective.

Two other fund projects shed light on women in Nordic film. One of them will analyse the output of films from a gender perspective and arrange a feminist film festival. The other, coordinated by Stockholm University, will draw attention to the women in film history. In 2016, the Swedish Film Institute launched a website for the rewriting of film history from a feminist perspective. At present, the website focuses solely on Sweden. The aim of the project is to complement the site with Norwegian and Danish film history.

Updated 13 April 2020