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Health, well-being and life conditions of young LGBTI persons in the Nordic countries

Despite the fact that life conditions of LGBTI persons in the Nordic countries have changed in the last seventy years, major public health surveys indicate that this group suffers from an increased amount of mental and physical health issues compared to the rest of the population.

Younger generations of LGBTI persons see their lives affected, too, by having a sexuality or gender identity that falls outside heteronormativity. Among other factors, this is due to the exposure to stress that LGBTI persons experience in daily life, so-called minority stress. This includes the risk of or actual harassment, vulnerability, and violence. Further, it includes facing prejudice and discrimination in everyday life, having to sometimes conceal your identity, and dealing with internalized homo- and transphobia, which in turn have detrimental effects on health.

The Nordic Council of Ministers, therefore, has initiated a project that aims to shed light on the well-being of young LGBTI persons. The purpose of the project is to promote knowledge and experiences in the region, in order to contribute to improved life conditions for young LGBTI persons in the Nordic countries. Nordic Information on Gender, NIKK, has carried out the project, which has resulted in the report at hand.

The report consists of two parts:

  • A literature review describing the current state of research regarding the wellbeing of young LGBTI persons in the Nordic countries, and
  • A survey, presenting a selection of efforts aimed to improve the well-being of young LGBTI persons in the Nordic countries.

Summaries of the report in Nordic languages

DK: Resumé af rapporten: Helbred, velvære og levevilkår blandt unge LGBTI-personer i Norden: En forskningsoversigt og kortlægning af initiativer

FI: Raportin yhteenveto: Nuorten LGBTI-henkilöiden terveys, hyvinvointi ja elinolot Pohjoismaissa: Tutkimuskatsaus ja aloitteiden kartoitus

IS: Samantekt af skýrslunni:Heilsa, líðan og lífsskilyrði ungs hinsegin fólks á Norðurlöndunum: Rannsóknaryfirlit og kortlagning aðgerða

NO: Oppsummering av rapporten: Helse, velvære og livsvilkår hos unge LGBTI-personer i Norden: En forskningsoversikt og kartlegging av tiltak

Young people, vulnerabilities and prostitution/sex for compensation in the Nordic countries

Young people with experience of prostitution are a group that for several reasons is difficult to reach, both for research and social work. In NIKK’s project “Young women and men, vulnerabilities and prostitution”, knowledge about young people with experiences of prostitution is mapped and analyzed in all Nordic countries. The report Young people, vulnerabilities and prostitution / Sex for compensation in the Nordic countries was developed within the framework of the project.

Fact sheet: Parenthood, violence prevention and masculinity norms

In order to achieve gender equality, men need to get involved in the efforts and masculinity norms need to be challenged. The policy area of men and gender equality is given high priority in the Nordic countries, and a number of measures are implemented accordingly, focusing on everything from men’s violence to parenthood and a revision of the male gender role. This fact sheet demonstrates masculinity research, points to political initiatives made, and includes examples of Nordic collaborations within the field. The fact sheet is made by Nordic Information on Gender (NIKK) at the request of the Nordic Council of Ministers, as part of Sweden’s presidency programme 2018.

Updated 17 October 2022