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Gender-segregated vocational education in the Nordic countries

In order to help break down the gender segregation in vocational education programmes in the Nordic countries, NIKK is going gather knowledge about the problem in a study of the Nordic countries. The study will aim to provide examples of how efforts to break down gender segregation in this area are being done in the Nordic countries.  The project is an initiative of the Danish Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers from 2020.  

The study will give a general description of how vocational education in the Nordic countries is organised, include an introduction to this area and give examples of how the Nordic countries have been working to break the cycle of gender segregation and retain students who belong to under-represented gender in the Nordic countries. The study will also include a concluding analysis section discussing the results of the survey based on current knowledge in the field.  

The study will be published in December 2021. 

Project timespan

Commissioned by
Nordic Council of Ministers

Elin Engström and Angelica Simonsson

Project budget
290 000 DKK