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Effects of COVID-19 on gender equality 

The COVID-19 pandemic gave rise to new challenges in the area of gender equality and the Nordic Ministers for Gender Equality were one of the first to call for measures that would prevent the novel coronavirus crisis from becoming a gender equality crisis.

The purpose of this project was to use NIKK’s unique position in the Nordic region to contribute to the sharing of knowledge and experience about the impact of the pandemic on gender equality. It also aimed to identify and make visible actors in the Nordic countries who work with these issues. By learning from each other and sharing their perspectives, the Nordic countries can be better equipped now and when faced with future crises.  

The publication was produced as part of the project Effects of COVID-19 on gender equality – Knowledge and initiatives in the Nordic countries. This publication summarises what we know and brings together the Nordic countries’ gender equality initiatives and measures in relation to the pandemic. In focus are areas such as domestic violence (violence in intimate partner relationships), the economy and working life, and mental health. 

In addition to its dissemination within the Nordic region, the report has been shared within the Council of Europe’s  Gender Equality Commission.

Project timespan

Susanna Young Håkansson