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Hate crime and incidents against LGBTI people in the Nordic countries

The Finnish Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2021 initiated a project focusing on hate crimes and hate incidents targeting LGBTI people in the Nordic countries. Within the framework of this project, NIKK was commissioned to survey relevant strategies and actions in the Nordic countries to promote knowledge and experience being shared between the countries. 

The survey provides a somewhat positive picture of development in this area in the Nordic countries in recent decades. A contributing factor to this positive picture is new legislation that protects LGBTI people from hate and discrimination. But a number of challenges for these countries’ efforts in combating hate crime emerged from the report – challenges related to the work of the police and how cooperation between different actors functions. Examples of these challenges are that the police sometimes fail to recognise hate motives in crimes, and that those groups that are particularly at risk of hate crime often lack confidence in the police.

The report was launched in conjunction with the Nordic Council of Ministers’ seminar LGBTI People’s Safety and Well-being – Good Practices in the Nordics held in Helsinki on 30 November.

Project timespan

Commissioned by
Nordic Council of Ministers

Elin Engström

Project budget
290 000 DKK