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Mapping and analysis of the LGBTI field in the Nordic region

A new formal Nordic cooperation on equal treatment and rights for LGBTI individuals began in 2020. In order to ensure that this cooperation is reliable, effective and lasting, NIKK was tasked by the Nordic Council of Ministers with mapping and analysing the LGBTI field.

The project resulted in:

  • A report which highlights national conditions regarding legislation and administrative structure within the LGBTI field, the themes and initiative areas in focus at national level, and inspiration models for Nordic cooperation.
  • A consultation process in which organisations within civil society, agencies and other players working for the equal rights of LGBTI individuals in the Nordic region were given the opportunity to contribute towards identifying the themes and initiative areas that should be prioritised by Nordic cooperation within the LGBTI field.
  • Analysis and recommendations based on this mapping and consultation. These recommendations were aimed at the Nordic Ministers for Gender Equality, and should indicate the themes and initiative areas, initiatives and partners for the LGBTI field.

The report, incl. recommendations, was handed over to the Nordic Ministers for Gender Equality and formed the basis for a supplement to the Nordic Co-operation Programme on Gender Equality 2019-2022.

Read the report: Kartläggning och analys av LGBTI-området i Norden

Read the Supplement to Nordic Co-operation Programme on Gender Equality 2019–2022. Equal rights, treatment and opportunities for LGBTI people in the Nordic region.

Project timespan

Commissioned by
Nordic Council of Ministers

Elin Engström

Project budget
500 000 DKK