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Survey and analysis of the LGBTI area in the Nordic countries

In 2020, a new formal Nordic cooperation in the area of equal treatment and rights for LGBTI people began. To ensure that this cooperation initiative was well-targeted, effective and would have a long-term impact, Nordic Information on Gender (NIKK) was commissioned by the Nordic Council of Ministers to survey and analyse the LGBTI area.

The project resulted in:

  • An overview shedding light on Nordic national legislation and administrative structures in the LGBTI area, themes and focus areas of action at national level, as well as models to inspire Nordic cooperation
  • A consultation process in which civil society organisations, public authorities and other actors working for equal rights for LGBTI people in the Nordic countries were given the opportunity to contribute to identifying themes and areas of action that Nordic cooperation should prioritise in the LGBTI area
  • Analysis and recommendations based on the overview and the consultation

By giving civil society actors the opportunity to meet in connection with the workshop, a foundation was laid for a Nordic civil society network in the LGBTI area, connected to the project.

The project also contributed to the Nordic countries’ policy development by making recommendations to the Nordic ministers for gender equality. The overall result is also the basis for the supplement to the Nordic Co-operation Programme on Gender Equality  2019-2024: “Equal rights, treatment and opportunities for LGBTI people in the Nordic region”.

Project timespan

Commissioned by
Nordic Council of Ministers

Elin Engström

Project budget
500 000 DKK