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Nordic anthology on sexual harassment 

Sexual harassment is a major social problem in the Nordic countries, which the #MeToo calls for action in autumn 2017 demonstrated in particular. In recent years, NIKK has produced and compiled knowledge in the field that has shown the extent and complexity of the problem, and also pointed out needs for additional knowledge.  

In order to continue to help address the problems of gender-based victimisation, NIKK, together with the Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research, initiated the production of a Nordic anthology on sexual harassment. With this anthology, NIKK aimed to use its unique Nordic position to broaden knowledge about sexual harassment and to position the issue in a wider context. Writers from all over the Nordic region, writing from different perspectives, have contributed to the anthology.

The anthology was published in April 2023 by Bristol University Policy Press: Re-imagining Sexual Harassment – Perspectives from the Nordic Region

Project timespan

Elin Engström and Maja Lundqvist