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Sustainable working life in the Nordic countries moving forward

Labour markets and the world of work in the Nordic countries are facing a variety of challenges, including challenges emanating from technological change, demographic shifts and regional differences. This is happening at the same time as views on knowledge, learning and education, and the logics of governance are changing or have changed. Gender segregation within education systems and in the labour market, the gendered division of labour, and the traditionally unequal responsibility for care between genders all make it essential to highlight these issues from the gender dimension.  

The aim of the project was to contribute new and deeper perspectives from the Nordic region on current issues concerning the world of work in the future. The report entitled Towards a sustainable future world of work in the Nordic countries – The gender perspective on the opportunities and challenges highlights how prevailing norms and social structures allocate different roles, opportunities and responsibilities to women and men – and that these are limiting our possibilities for transitioning to a sustainable society.

The report has formed the basis for presentations at Nordregio Forum 2022 and for the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Welfare Committee, and at the Council of Nordic Trade Unions’ Equal Pay days.