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Nordic cooperation for strengthened LGBTI rights

In many countries and regions of the world, the rights and opportunities of homosexual, bisexual, transgender and intersex people are under pressure. Although the conditions for LGBTI people in the Nordic countries have improved over the past 70 years, several challenges remain here as well.

The work to improve the living conditions of LGBTI people is an important part of Nordic co-operation and of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ vision of becoming the world’s most sustainable and integrated region.

Since 2020, the Nordic Council of Ministers has been cooperating to promote equal rights, treatment and opportunities for LGBTI people in the Nordic region. LGBTI is an acronym for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and intersex. Although the abbreviations used in the various Nordic countries may differ, LGBTI is the acronym used in all official Nordic co-operation as it is equivalent to what is used in other international organisations.

The political framework for Nordic LGBTI co-operation consists of the strategic supplement on equal rights, treatment and opportunities for LGBTI people in the Nordic region. Here, three focus areas are formulated, which are based on recommendations from Nordic LGBTI organisations and national authorities:

Networking and collaboration

Dialogue and co-operation are one of the cornerstones of Nordic collaboration. The Nordic LGBTI Fund, which is administered by NIKK, provides the opportunity for this. The fund finances projects where at least three organizations, from at least three Nordic countries, collaborate. The calls are open to various activities and organisations, such as voluntary organizations, authorities and companies. Interested? The fund opens the annual call for proposals in September each year. in September each year.

NIKK also contributes to the collaboration by gathering knowledge, for example in reports that describe both research within the field, as well as various actors and initiatives in the Nordic region.

Freedom and openness

LGBTI people should have the same opportunities in life as the rest of the population. Discrimination and hate crimes as well as negative attitudes towards LGBTI people must be prevented and counteracted. NIKK contributes knowledge through the report Hate crimes targeting LGBTI people in the Nordic region: A survey of strategies, methods and initiatives.

Quality of life and living conditions

The difference in physical and mental health between LGBTI people and the rest of the population must be reduced. LGBTI people must have equal access to all sectors of society. Children and young LGBTI people must have equal access to education, leisure and quality of life, as well as equal opportunities for development, security and good conditions for growing up. NIKK contributes knowledge through the report Health, well-being and life conditions of young LGBTI persons in the Nordic countries.

NIKK is currently compiling and analysing knowledge about elderly LGBTI people’s encounters with health and care services in the Nordic countries. The report will be published in 2023.

We share our knowledge in our communication channels, as well as at national and Nordic meetings and events.

Sharing knowledge makes a difference 

Photo: Johnér
Photo: Johnér