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Towards a sustainable future world of work in the Nordic countries – The gender perspective on the opportunities and challenges

Nordic labour markets and the world of work are facing a variety of challeng­es, including challenges emanating from technological change, demo­graphic shifts and regional differences. How knowledge, learning and education, and the logics of governance are viewed have all changed. This knowledge base describes these changes and focuses on three challenges for a sustainable world of work:

  • Lifelong learning: being schooled in readiness to change
  • The significance of place: teleworking and work on site
  • Forms of employment and working conditions: the gig economy and entrepreneurship as examples

By identifying the challenges from a gender perspective, one can problematize assumptions about technology-driven social develop­ment that have a bearing on the world of work and the supply of skills. They are also seen in relation to policy goals for sustainable economic, social and environmental development. What needs to be done to enable sustainable development based on human rights, gender equality and no one being left behind? In this knowledge base, opportunities and challenges are discussed.

Updated 16 February 2024