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Search on Gender – in All Nordic Countries!

Nordic cooperation on gender and gender equality is about to become a lot easier! The three unique web portals GenderFund, GenderJob and GenderKalenderN, launched at the Nordic Forum in Malmö, will give you everything you need to navigate in the field of gender and gender equality in the Nordic region.

Josefine Alvunger
 Josefine Alvunger. Photo:

‘We want to encourage cooperation and mobility in the Nordic region! Perhaps the best candidate for a position in Sweden lives in Finland. And maybe there’s a conference or seminar on the same theme you’re interested in, and the portals can give you valuable suggestions on lecturers and topics. The calendar will also come in handy if you want to ensure that your event won’t collide with something else that’s going on in the region. The new portals will help open up the borders in the area of gender and gender equality,’ says Josefine Alvunger, Head of Operations at Nordic Information on Gender, NIKK.

NIKK has coordinated the launching of the three websites, and If you are looking for research or project funding, or for scholarships or stipends, you may want to give GenderFund a try. GenderJob helps you find job vacancies in the gender and gender equality field across the Nordic region and beyond. And the GenderkalenderN calendar will help you find everything from feminist culture festivals to EU conferences on research policy. You can share the events on social media and customise your own unique searches. You can also sync all the information with your private calendar in Outlook. The three websites share two central features: their Nordic perspective and their focus on gender and gender equality.

‘Nordic and national searches are equally simple, as are searches within specific subject areas. This makes the portals useful both nationally and at a cross-Nordic level,’ says Alvunger.

The three web portals are launched jointly by eight national knowledge centres for gender and gender equality, including Kvinfo in Denmark, Kilden in Norway, Minna in Finland and the Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research in Sweden.

‘Since all national experts are involved in the cooperation, we can cover just about everything that has to do with gender and gender equality in the Nordic region. We have built a solid infrastructure and hope it will be useful in the Nordic gender equality cooperation,’ says Alvunger.

Updated 26 September 2020