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The Nordic Council of Ministers Launches Movie Contest With a Gender Equality Theme

Nordiska ministerrådets filmtävling

In 2014 the Nordic countries have cooperated in their work for gender equality for 40 years.
How far have we really come? What does Nordic gender equality mean to you, and how can we be even better when it comes to gender equality? These questions are asked by the Nordic Council of Ministers, in their presentation of the newly launched movie contest on the theme of Nordic Gender Equality.

Are you 15-25 years old? Participate in our movie contest; the prize is 25 000 Danish Krone!

The movie can be no more than 3 minutes long and be able to upload to YouTube. It’s fine to make the movie on a tablet or smartphone – creativity is more important than the technical quality.

A jury will select 10 finalists based on the following criteria:

  • Inspiration for other young people regarding gender equality in the Nordic countries
  • Kreativitet och kunskap

After this Facebook-users will vote for the winner and second place.

First place: 25.000 Danish Krone

Second place: 5.000 Danish Krone

Winners will pay taxes on the price money.

Updated 5 October 2020