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Washing Line in the Colours of the Rainbow

An art project will help bringing colours to the Nordic Pride festivals. Everyone is invited to take part by hanging out their wash in the colours of the rainbow.

Photo Gunilla Persson
 Photo Gunilla Persson

“Most people take for granted that you treat everyone equally, but for those who are afraid to face homophobia it can mean a lot to know that your friend, neighbour, colleague or relative is sympathetic to HBTIQ – people,” says Ilar Gunilla Persson who runs the project together with Heidi Lunabba.

The two artists started the project during Jeppis Pride Festival in Jakobstad 2014. Now Washing Line in the Colors of the Rainbow will be touring the Nordic countries visiting amongst others the Sápmi Pride Festival, Helsinki Pride, Falu Pride and Gotland Pride.

Everyone who wants to show their support for equal values are invited to participate by hanging out their wash in the colours of the rainbow, take a photo and share the image using the tag #tvattlina.

“By making the project international we create a movement for tolerance and humanity in countries that sadly share the problem of homophobic and intolerant discussion and a harshening political climate”, Heidi Lunabba explains.

The Nordic tour will start on Friday during Sapmi Pride.

“The Sápmi Pride festival is an important festival since the risk of discrimination is doubled as HBTIQ-saami are a minority inside the minority, therefore it feels great to start of the tour in Karasjok,” says Heidi Lunabba.

Updated 29 February 2024