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Wide Range of Nordic Cooperation Projects

How does EU legislation affect Nordic gender equality policy? How can we stop sexist advertising, or violence among young couples in the Nordic countries? These are some of the focus areas of this year’s approved funding scheme projects.


Once a year, Nordic Information on Gender allocates money to Nordic gender equality projects on behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers. The so-called Nordic funding scheme was initiated by the Nordic gender equality ministers with an aim to stimulate Nordic cooperation in the area.
A wide range of projects were granted funding this year. The project Nordic Gender Equality Policy in a Europeanisation Perspective, coordinated by the Norwegian Centre for Gender and Equality at the University of Agder, will explore to what extent the Nordic countries have served as exporters of gender equality policy since the 1990s, as well as how much they have had to adapt to international decisions in the same period.
Project Ad Watch is an initiative against sexist advertising launched by the Swedish Women’s Lobby in 2013. The plan is to introduce the campaign also in the other Nordic countries, and to carry out a review of Nordic legislation against sexist advertising. The aim is to present suggestions for improvements of regulations and implementations to Nordic ministers.
The Nordic expert conference on violence among young couples is another project that has been granted funding. The conference will be arranged in Oslo in April by Reform – Resource Centre for Men in Norway in cooperation with partner organisations in Finland, Denmark and Sweden. The aim with the conference is to develop recommendations, guidelines and other material that can be used by organisations and authorities across the Nordic region.

Updated 18 April 2020