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Gender equality, transport and climate

The purpose of the project was to enable researchers from different Nordic countries to bring attention to research on gender and transport.

Organisers of the project arranged a workshop at the Nordic Forum in Malmö 2014 and invited researchers, activists, organisations, decision makers and other actors involved in the areas of gender equality, sustainable development and transports to participate. The workshop kicked off the project and focused on gender, risks and vulnerability in traffic. In order to reduce the number of accidents and create more gender equal and sustainable transport policy, there is a need for an increased understanding of structures and sociocultural aspects in relation to traffic. One conclusion was that intersectionality and norm criticism can be useful tools in this work, and that decision makers need to be provided easily accessible information. A date for the next meeting in 2015 was also decided at the Nordic Forum. Both research organisations and policy makers were invited to this meeting, and the cooperation continues.

Updated 12 December 2019